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Top 6 White Paints For Your Beach House

Whether you are repainting a single room, doing up a cosy beach shack or building a modern 3 story mansion, the right colours are key to creating the perfect beach style room or to turning your home into a beachhouse…

You don’t have to live near the beach to bring a little of the relaxed beach vibe into your home.

Ultimate white beach house?

Awesome whites

Yes, we all know the typical beach house has white walls, white floorboards and white ceilings right? Well yeah, but you can bend the rules a little bit. No doubt white is the colour that comes to mind when you think internal walls in beach houses however, nowadays there are so many different colour options and better paint technology so how do you know which white is right?

First step…

Well, first I recommend looking at lots and lots of magazines with images of rooms that tell you what colours they are painted so you can get an idea of what your home will look like too. If you like a friend’s wall colour ask them what it is and write it down. Then grab a whole lot of paint chips (They’re the small cards you can pick up free at your hardware store in the paint section) and take them home and compare with your room, furnishings etc. Once you’ve eliminated the ones that don’t seem quite right, you should be down to about 3-6.

The next step…

is to get some small sample tins of paint and create a swatch directly on your wall. You want to make sure the paint is right for the light in your room, so make sure you paint them about 50cm x 50cm, do a coupe of coats and let them dry. Keep painting swatches til you’re happy with the colour you’ve chosen.

What we used…

We painted the internal walls of our first beach house Hog Bristle Quarter with some feature walls in Hog Bristle Half and the trim in Antique white. Someone at the hardware store told me that hog Bristle is one of the most popular paint colours & I reckon whether you have a beach style home or not, you’ll love it!

If you’re planning on a re-paint inside or out at your place, then here are our top 6 picks from Dulux. Check them out for your self by clicking on the ‘Whites Colour Booklet’ on the right >


Pick 1 – Dulux Hog Bristle (was used in the hallway wall, dividing walls and pillar in the picture below)

Pick 2 – Dulux Antique White USA (walls, ceiling, trim)


Pick 3 – Dulux Lexicon Quarter (was used on the walls in the picture below)

Pick 4 – Dulux Lexicon (Fascia)


Pick 5 – Dulux – Stowe White (was used on the walls and ceiling in the picture below)

Pick 6 – Dulux – Sandy Day Half (hallway)


- Dulux – Bone White (was used on the bulk head and pillar in the picture below)


So if your home looks a bit like this …

Need a paint job?











And you’d prefer it looked like this…

Ultimate beachhouse













Checkout the cool video that show how to use a new ‘house beautiful’ paint app

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Chill Out & Relax – 12 Ways To Reduce Stress

Pin Point Your Stress Trigger: Stress is often caused by worry. If you can pin point the actual cause of your major concerns & act to resolve them you will reduce your stress levels.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.”

Get organised: Have a plan, write a list, delegate, manage your time and set achievable goals. If you fail to plan, you’re really planning to fail!

Goals keep you focused and motivated. Reward yourself when you achieve the things you set out to do and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t succeed the first time.

Have a positive mindset: If you think you can, you’re right and if you think you can’t, you’re right. If stress is making you negative, try to see the positive side of life. Practice the habit of being grateful for all you have. For example: Rather than focusing on what went wrong today, think of one good thing that happened today.

girl in sunlight

Try a hands on approach: Get a massage! Naturally reduces tension held in the common areas of the shoulders, neck and back. If you belong to a private health insurance, you can even get about half of the cost back! Brilliant.

Breathe: It seems ridiculously simple and obvious that we all need  to breathe to survive, but when we are stressed we tend to tighten up & hold our breath and not breathe as deeply. Practice taking slow deep breaths and feel the calm it brings to your whole body.

Find some peace & quiet: Sure, you could listen to meditation tapes or crashing waves if that’s your thing, but if you can simply find a quiet place for around 15 minutes a day (after the kids are finally asleep) to close your eyes & clear your mind, you will find that it refreshes your perspective on the world. If you can actually take the time during the day to go to the beach or down to the park and be surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, you may feel even better for it.

Decorate your home in a way that promotes relaxation:  There’s no home more relaxing than a Beach House! If you work all day in a stressful environment, imagine how nice it would be to come home to a beach side paradise! You’ll feel like you’re on holidays everyday. You don’t have to go crazy and repaint your walls or get new expensive whitewashed furniture to obtain the look, just redecorate with a few quality beach style homewares, light a coconut & lime scented candle or bring a potted golden cane indoors for an instant beach house makeover.

Make time for a little exercise: Happy hormones called endorphins flow through your body when you exercise. They really do make you feel more positive and can significantly reduce stress.

Wake up early: A disciplined person is a happy person. Not only is there an amazing energy in the earlier hours of the day, but you’ll get more done which will ultimately reduce stress.

Eat a balanced diet: If we don’t get all the nutrients our bodies need, it could cause poor health and affect our mental state. When you are in a reduced state of health you are more prone to stress.

Be sociable: People who talk, laugh and share their feelings with others are more able to handle stress than those who don’t

Consider getting a pet: Studies have showed that people who own pets are less likely to suffer symptoms of stress than those who don’t own pets. If you are pretty disciplined and already do most of these things most of the time, it might just be Time For A Holiday! Give yourself a break.