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Coastal Style Decorating Guide Part 3: Natural and Artificial Light


# Natural and Artificial Light in Beachy Abodes

small-bright-roomPhoto from Forward Furniture: “How to make a small room look bigger”

The position and types of your windows and doors have a big impact on the type of natural light and illumination your room will receive -  a phenomenon intensified in coastal homes.

# Key Features

* By painting the ceiling a light color, this will instantly increase the sense of space in a room by reflecting more light into it. For the walls, cool colors like light blues and greens reflect light and make a room look brighter and bigger by maximizing the effect of natural light.

verandahPhoto from Shannon Fricke – “Tricky spaces”

* Mirrors reflect light too and will brighten up your room and they can also create an illusion of depth that makes the room look bigger.

wall mirror

photo by HausStylish: “Tobi Toblin’s Cape Cod Style Malibu Beach House”

* Light coloured verandahs, walls, floors, and ceilings can easily reflect light through the interior but its worth considering how it will impact on your soft furnishings. Use pale or light coloured window coverings, lounge covers, cushions etc or consider uv proof multi purpose indoor/outdoor soft furnishings.

* Large windows, large sliding glass doors and skylights with minimal coverings or simple louvered shutters reign supreme in beach houses as even when slightly closed in intense Summer months or during poor weather, they will still allow more light to enter, effortlessly evoking a bright, airy feel in your coastal home.

* Keep artificial lighting simple, minimal and don’t be afraid to mix and match natural looking table lamps and floor lamps. Avoid fluorescent lighting , instead go for conventional lighting or down lights.

masterbed1photo by Dana From House Tweaking: “I don’t want to leave my bedroom”

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Coastal Style Decorating Guide Part 2: Floors, Wall, Ceilings


# Floors, Walls & Ceilings in Coastal Homes


photo By Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design Fresh And Relaxing Beach House Design

Consider hardy flooring in natural materials – timber or stone look are ideal for beach house homes. Tiled or laminate open plan living areas keep the whole family cool.

2012 Aus Int Design award

Avoca Beach House – Architecture Saville Isaacs Pty Ltd Image: Kate Bayer



I just love stackstone or stackerstone feature wall tiles indoors and out for a stunning textured look. Find them online in Australia here


For a casual, less modern, perhaps almost grunge look on a feature wall, try Retro Wood panelling or wood-look wallpaper. (So hot right now) Look for it here

If you prefer paint to wallpaper and planning on DIY – read “6 Top paints for the ultimate beach house”

Key Features

*  Light coloured wooden planks or cladding fitted either horizontally or vertically helps establish a feeling of space, harmony and order.
* Natural, polished, painted or whitewashed timber floorboards or beachy sandstone pavers throughout living areas can create a cool openness and flow.
* Choose darker timbers or polished mahogany for a Balinese beach resort feel.


Photo from Trip Advisor “The Legan Bali – A GHM Hotel”

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