Buy Your Outdoor Cushions Online in Australia

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Hands up who loves shopping?

Ok. Who loves online shopping?

Me too.

Its just so easy but beware the pitfalls of online shopping.

Here are a few tips or things to think about just before you give out your credit card details online …


1. Is this a reputable company? Check out their About Us Page

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2. Are they overseas or in Australia? – check their contact us page to find out where your item is coming from. It may take days, weeks or months.


3. Do they have a terms and conditions page? All shopping websites must have a legitimate terms and conditions page and these should be reasonable. see our Terms and Conditions

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4. Do they have a returns policy? Customers have a right to be able to return an item if it is broken, damaged or unsuitable for purpose. Make sure they have a reasonable returns policy. This should also be an easy process. see our Returns and Exchanges Policy

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5. Do they have any other online presence? Like a Facebook page, Instagram or Blog where you can get a better feel that they actually exist and are reputable? Search for feedback, testimonials or reviews for a particular company if you want to check what other people’s experiences have been like.

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6. Do they take PayPal as a payment option? – This is vital if you’re not 100% sure. If there is a problem and you don’t receive your item, PayPal’s policy is to refund the customer in full, so there’s much less risk in paying via PayPal.

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7. Do they offer any member discounts or Free Shipping?

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Tick all those boxes when you shop for outdoor cushions online with Beach Abode Living.

UV Treated Outdoor CushionsTo Buy Outdoor Cushions ONLINE

Visit our retail website now:

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Colour in your outdoors

About Nicki Richards

Nicki is a self confessed cushion lover, director and co-founder of Beach Abode Living, an Australian owned and operated company, based on the Gold Coast. Specialising in outdoor cushions inspired by the beach and coastal living, the focus is principally on designing and creating unique, functional and affordable products that allow everyone to enjoy and appreciate the great Australian lifestyle. Style is as important with homewares as it is in fashion, so being 'on trend' requires continual development of ideas and designs, through travel, experimentation and collaboration. Favourite Quote: "You can never over-cushion!"

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