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Welcome to Beach Abode Living where we help you “Colour In Your Outdoors!”

You’ll find a vast range of UV, Water and Mildew Resistant Outdoor Cushions (and coming soon – Recycled Plastic Outdoor Mats) to coordinate your outdoor living area.

Most people like to retreat outdoors to relax and entertain when the weather is good.

Colour usually plays an important role in creating a fun, inviting outdoor room where you want to spend time. That’s why at Beach Abode Living we use a lot of colour!

Choose from a range of vibrant, beachy, fun patterns and coastal pastels that instantly transform any outdoor area into a tropical paradise or sophisticated coastal hideaway.

If you L O V E the beach but can’t be there 24/7, the next best thing is to create a beach feel in your own outdoor living area by decorating with beach inspired, coastal style homewares.

Starting with your outdoor furniture:

Create ultimate comfort in your outdoor living room with outdoor furniture that is a generous blend of quality and functionality.

The pieces you select for your outdoor space should suit your needs so if you have a large family or regularly entertain, you’ll probably want to go for a large outdoor dining table (10 seater) and perhaps an L-shaped outdoor lounge with chaise and extra pouffes or chairs for everyone.

Checkout the exquisite range of high quality outdoor furniture options at The Outdoor Furniture Specialists – They have over 50 stores around Australia so there’s sure to be a store near you.

TOFS The Outdoor Furniture Specialists

The most important thing to remember when selecting furniture is will it last outdoors? Ask about the features and any warranties when buying furniture and ensure you know how to look after it whether it needs oiling or regular cleaning or covering when not in use.

While you’re there, ask about the Exclusive Range of Outdoor Cushions for TOFS by Beach Abode Living – coming mid 2016

Got your furniture sorted?

Then its time to add some C O L O U R with some Outdoor Cushions.

This is the fun part.

Before you even ask the question, the answer is no, you don’t need an interior decorator or a home stylist to choose your soft furnishings for you. You can create a stunning looking outdoor living space your friends would envy. At Beach Abode Living, we have taken the headache out of coordinating designs, by creating a  comprehansive range that will automatically include at least 6 otehrs cushions to match any choice you make. With each of these being reversible (this means they have a different design on the back), there is literally double the amount of styling options so you can’t go wrong.

Just follow a few basic guidelines (which I’ll share in a moment) but most importantly, follow your instinct. Usually if you go with what you like, and stick with a theme, you’ll love the result. Remember its about creating the feeling that you want. The colours you like will make you feel good.

Ok so here we go.

Choosing cushions for your outdoor living area:

Outdoor Living Outdoor Cushions

1. Think about whether this outdoor living space is going to have an upbeat, fun, vibrant, energetic, colourful kind of vibe, or if you want it to be more subtle, soothing and relaxing kind of vibe.

Determining this may help you choose a colour pallette.

Generally lots of colours can ignite the senses, creating stunning visual appeal and giving energy and fun to the space, whereas pastels and coastal taupes, mint and greys can have (the opposite), a calming effect.

outdoor living - Bright Outdoor Cushions

2. Decide on how many cushions you will require: 2, 3, 5, 7, 9?

Visually, an odd number tends to be more interesting. Design-wise, creating the perfect room is not about symmetry but balance. For example, you can offset the extra cushion on one side with a small table and vase on the other side or mix up the sizes of cushions to create interest. ie Put a large cushion behind a smaller one to create a layered look.

 Outdoor Living - How many outdoor cushions to choose?

3. With your colours and numbers you need in mind, scan the options available to you (either on a website or in the shop) and put them on a “short list”

4. Take notice of what pops out to you initially. (9 times out of 10 people ultimately choose what they liked first)

5. Have you got enough on your short list to fill your number requirements?

6. Try putting the selected cushions together and see how they look. Do they have a consistent colour or design in them that links them all together? (Go with your gut on this) Cull or add til you’re happy.

Lets say you’ve decided on 5 cushions in the “Hamptons” pastel colours. With the Beach Abode Living range, you could choose 5 different cushions (in this colour range) or you could choose 3 of your favourites and take 1, 2 and 2 of each. Because they are reversible, you actually have 6 different designs so there’s plenty of styling versititlity without making it too complicated.

Hampton Style Outdoor Living

If you prefer a lot of colour, consider choose a design you love ie Fishscales and take them in 5 different colours. This decision is popular as it creates unity in design but adds a surprising POP of colour.

That’s it, designing done.

Enjoy your uniquely styled outdoor living space.

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About Nicki Richards

Nicki is a self confessed cushion lover, director and co-founder of Beach Abode Living, an Australian owned and operated company, based on the Gold Coast. Specialising in outdoor cushions inspired by the beach and coastal living, the focus is principally on designing and creating unique, functional and affordable products that allow everyone to enjoy and appreciate the great Australian lifestyle. Style is as important with homewares as it is in fashion, so being 'on trend' requires continual development of ideas and designs, through travel, experimentation and collaboration. Favourite Quote: "You can never over-cushion!"

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